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Part Numbers

K&N Filter
3.00" Mount, 6.00" Base, 4.63" Top, 6.00" Length Part # RE 0930
We offer K&N filters on our site here: K&N Filters

Head Gaskets
Felpro Stock Replacement #8993
Felpro High Performance #1035
Mr. Gasket/Cometic MLS High Performance (requires special block deck and head machining to seal) #3180G

Head Studs
ARP Standard 151-4202
ARP Undercut
Ford Head bolts 12pt Standard Torque Set of 10 #F3ZZ-6065-FB
Ford Head bolts 6pt Torque To Yield Set of 10 #F5ZZ-6065-FB

Head Alignment Dowels
Fel-Pro Box of 4 # ES-74011
Ford Set of 4 #D4FZ-6A008-A (O.D. .683", length .755")

Piston Rings
Total Seal Gapless File Fit #316504501-(overbore size)
Fereral Mogul Crome-Moly #E441K-(overbore size)
Replacement for our CP Pistons: CP Rings

Timing Belt
2.3L Square Tooth Stock Replacement Gates #T014

Valve Cover Gaskets
Felpro Cork Stock Replacement #50126 CR
Felpro Rubber Stock Replacement #VS50043-R1
Ford Rubber w/Steel Insert Stock Replacement #F57-Z6584-A

Oil Fill Cap
Stant #10087 (Not screw in style)
Murray #8087 (Not screw in style)
Motorad #MO87 (Not screw in style)
Gates #
31076 (Not screw in style)

Valve Stem Seals
Felpro Metal Encased Stock Replacement #SS72683
Ford Redesign Updated Intake Valve Seals #E7ZZ-6571-A
Ford Redesign Updated Exhaust Valve Seals #E7ZZ-6571-B

Spark Plug Wires
Motorcraft Stock Replacement #WR-4011-C
Motorsport/SVO #M-12259-C112

Spark Plugs
Motorcraft Stock Turbo Replacement #AWSF32C
Motorcraft One Step Colder Turbo #AWSF22C
NGK V-Power Stock Replacement #TR5
NGK Iridium Stock Replacement #TR5IX

PCV System
Ford Stock Replacement PCV Valve #EV127-A
PCV Inline Check Valve (Merc Villager Sourced) #F3XY-2365-A

IAC Adjustment Plate
Ford (Allows Fine Adjustment Of Idle) #F2PX-9F939-A

8.8" Clutch Rebuild
"S" Spring Stock (1.510" Diameter): EOAZ-4214-A
"S" Spring High Performance (1.765" Diameter): F3TZ-4214-A
Traction Lok Rebuild Kit:
M-4700-B (~$40 from )

T5 Alignment Tools
2.3: Dorman # 14521 found in the HELP! section
5.0: Dorman # 14519 found in the HELP! section

2.3T Adjustable TPS
These show as no longer available at most parts stores but if you choose the right application, you can still get them from us here: 2.3 Turbo Adjustable TPS



If you have any questions about any of these parts feel free to contact us HERE 


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