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This project started as nothing more than a cheap little car I found in a local back yard.  It was buried in the weeds and hadn't been moved in a few years.  I talked to the owner and we made a deal.  Within 2 weeks I had all the problems fixed and was on the road.  The dents were removed, the door was straightened, the tail light was fixed, and the ugly ass hubcaps where ripped off.  I originally thought it would be a good donor car for a 5.0 down the road.  I then researched and decided the 2.3 Turbo would be a far better swap.  I inherited a Turbo Coupe from my sister and started compiling the parts to complete the swap.  Over two years later I started ripping the engine out of the TC...Project 2.3T was now officially underway...

Here is a video of me cruising around and stuff: VIDEO  It is a pretty good sound clip of my exhaust as well as my Bailey Evo BOV.

Here is a second video...good sound clip and a small smokeshow: Smoke Em

Here is all the information from when I purchased the car to it's current state.

Stats                  Stock /Modified

Engine: 2.3 Liter Dual Plug / 2.3 Liter Turbocharged & Intercooled

Induction: Naturally Aspirated / Garrett/AiResearch T3 Turbo

Power: 105hp, 130 lb-ft Torque / 240hp, 300 lb-ft Torque

Exhaust:  2" Crush Bent Pipe, Cat-Converter, Super Quiet Muffler / Full Mandrel 3" Tubing, Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler, Dual 2.5" Tailpipes, 3"x18" Chrome Tips

Transmission: A4LD Automatic / Borg-Warner T5 5-Speed

Rear End: 7.5" w/3.45:1 gears

Brakes f/r: 9.5" disc/drum / 11" Disc with 73mm SVO Calipers/drum

Suspension f/r: Macpherson Strut, Coil Springs, Anti-Sway Bar/Solid, Coil Springs, Anti-Sway Bar

Curb Weight: 2824 lbs

Weight Distribution f/r:

Paint: Titanium Silver Paint w/ Graphite Lower & Laser Red Stripe.


0-60: 11.2 seconds / 6.1 seconds

0-100: 70 seconds / 15.8 seconds

Quarter Mile: 18.2 at 73 mph / 14.8 at 93.7 mph (Only 13.5psi, Street Tires, Pump Gas)

Top Speed: 112 mph (HP Limited) / ~145 mph (Gear Limited)

Lateral G's: 0.88

Drag Coefficient: 0.37

Kill List

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD pushing 20psi
2002 Ford Mustang GT w/ K&N Cone, Cold Air, Headers, Offroad X-pipe and Magnaflows
2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Compressor
1984 Chevy Camaro 350
1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 w/ 350 Crate Engine, Duals, and Gears
1996 Toyota Celica GT
1989 Chevy Camaro 350
1996 Honda Prelude (Many Mods-All Motor)


Engine--Garrett/AiResearch T3 Turbo Boosting 10-24psi, LA3 ECU, 35 lb/hr Injectors, Volvo Intercooler, Adjustable Boost Valve, Gutted Upper Intake, Ported Lower Intake, Ported E6 Exhaust Manifold, 3" Downpipe, 3" Exhaust Cutout, Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler, K&N Filter, Cold Air Intake.

Drivetrain & Sound--Eibach Progressive Rate Springs, 17x8 Polished Aluminum Wheels, 245/45/ZR17's, 5.0 11" Front Disc Brakes w/SVO Calipers, B&M Shifter, Polyurethane Bushings, 1 5/16" Front and 7/8" Rear Sway Bar w/ Poly Links, 40 Series Flowmaster w/ Dual Stainless Steel Tips, Custom Paint.

Pictures In Chronological order.  1st pic as the way I bought it (minus the crashed fender, dented lower door and broken tail light).  2nd pic is with bra and wheels installed. 3rd and 4th pics are after I sprayed on the dark gray paint. Next 4 are after I sprayed the red stripe and finished the paint job as well as bought new tires.  The next 3 are after I lowered it 1.5" as well as installed bigger sway bars and polyurethane bushings.  The last 4 are after I installed my new 17" wheels and stainless steel tail pipes.  The next four are at the SCCA Solo II event in Salina.

(Here it is the way I bought it.  This is after I hammered out the front fender and fixed the large crash on the lower door.  I also added the bra at this point.)

(Here is Stage I: I added the wheels and painted the dark grey on the bottom.)

(Here you see the red stripe added to the paint scheme, note that it's still sitting at factory height.)

(This is how much better it looked after I installed the Eibach Progressive Rate Lowering Springs and Flowmaster Exhaust)

(Things really started to take shape when I added the 17" aluminum wheels.)

(Competing in my first Solo II competition was complicated by the light rain that caused the course to get very slick)

(You can see my custom tail lights in the first pic above.  The other pic is the most recent I have of the exterior.)

(Above you can see my custom fan/radiator/condenser/intercooler setup as well as the turbo engine before and after it was installed.)

(This is the custom strut tower brace that I created.  Notice the smoothed corners and custom red metallic paint. It is currently for sale.)

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