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Here are various pictures taken with my Nikon Coolpix 775 digital camera purchased in January of 2002.  This camera is cool as hell.

The first eight pics are from my little niece's birthday party.  I blew up every one of those balloons, needless to say I was a little woozy.  The next 18 are from the SCCA Solo II races in Salina. The next one is Wilson Lake in January of 2002.

    Balloon Fight               Kaden's Spike          Mikayla's Mess          Morgan's Balloon

    Morgan's Mess          Morgan's Static         Princess Mikayla        Tanner & Mikayla

      BMW 318i                     BMW 325i                 Camaro Z28              Toyota Celica

      More Celica                      Civic                   Modded Cobra                More Cobra

          Miata                             Probe                   Honda S2000                   S2000

      Subaru RX                   Wilson Lake

 Gustafson 2002