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Early & Late Model Mustang Tech & Info

2.3 Turbo Tech:

The 2.3l Turbo source.  If you have any questions, they can be answered here.  My user name is Stinger here as well.

Merkur Encyclopedia
The biggest 2.3 Turbo and Merkur info page in existence, if you have a question, it has the answer.

2.3 Turbo Frequently Asked Questions & Sensor Locations
Great info, should answer a lot of questions.

2.3 Turbo Mods and Upgrades
Great Info put together by the owner of

HP Gains From Certain 2.3 Turbo Mods
Turboford's Tiny Avenger article compilations...explains how much was gained on the dyno doing different mod.

Turbo Compressor Maps
List of Garrett turbo all you need to do is learn how to read them.

How To Read Compressor Maps
Just like the name to read compressor maps.

How To Find A Proper Turbo
Shows how to not guess at turbo sizing...what turbos do and don't work on 2.3T's.

Turbo Wheel Sizes
Shows what size the wheels in different turbos are.

Turbo Car List
List of cars that were turbo'd from the factory and what turbo they came with.

Mike SVOR's Website
Proof of what kind of potential junkyard turbo parts have...must see.

GT 350R's Site
All of the wiring diagrams and Turbo GT info you would ever want to see.

140cilx's Website
This cat wants to be like me...he tries real hard but just can't get it done.  He's cool though...he takes his losses in good spirit :)

9 second 1/4 mile 2.3 Turbo
Home Of The 700hp Daily Driven 2.3 Turbo.

Intercooler Flow Test
Shows which IC's flow the best and have the lowest pressure drop.

Volvo IC Install
How to install a Volvo intercooler in a Mustang.

Gillis Boost Valve
Homepage of the Gillis Boost Valve like I use on my car.

How To Install A Gillis Boost Valve
Shows installation of a Gillis Boost Valve like I use on my car.

Turbo Swap Registry
List of cars that have been swapped over to turbo...I guess I better add mine to the list...

Vain Air Meter Mod
Shows how to modify the VAM to get it to fully open at full throttle.

2.3 Naturally Aspirated Tech:

Stangnet Forums
A great place to learn about all aspects of early and late model Mustangs.  My user name is Stinger here.

2.3 Naturally Aspirated Info
All the info you should ever need to know about 2.3l compression, bore, stroke, gears, trannies, etc.

2.3 N/A Tech Articles
All the popular mods and performance enhancing info needed...

Fox Body Mustang Tech:

How To Install Cobra IRS In Fox Body
Shows step by step info on how to put a 99+ Cobra Independent Rear Suspension in a fox body Mustang.

How To Fit 325-50-15's On Fox Body Mustang
Proves that a BFH and some patience will allow a huge tire to fit under a stock bodied Mustang.

Mustang Brake Swap Info
All the info you could ever need on how to upgrade your stock brakes with parts from other cars.  Too much info to list here.

Brake Proportioning Valve Diagram
Shows a cut-away view of a Mustang proportioning valve.

Subframe Braces & Stiffening
Examples of what braces can be used to stiffen a stock Mustang's body.

How To Make Subframe Braces
Shows how to make many different mods if your own back yard.

Torque Box Reinforcement
A must for anyone that plans to drag race a Mustang with to article.

Fox Body Info:

Mustang World
Large Mustang database of pictures as well as How-To articles.

Mustang Restoration Parts Source
Huge retailer of restoration parts for late model Mustangs.

4 Bolt Lug Patterns
Great Info when looking for cars with the same lug pattern as yours for upgrading purposes.

Classic Mustang Tech:

T5 Tranny Swap In Classic Mustang
How to install Late Model 5 Speed transmission in a Classic Mustang.

Rack & Pinion Steering In Classic Mustang
How to install Late Model R&P steering in a Classic Mustang.

Granada Disc Brake Swap 1
First page that shows how to swap Granada discs on classic Mustang

Granada Disc Brake Swap 2
Second page that shows how to swap Granada discs on classic Mustang

99+ Calipers On Granada Brakes
How to install 99+ calipers on a Mustang after doing the Granada Disc swap.

How To Install 99+ Calipers On Classic Fords
Just as the name's a 67 Mustang caliper upgrade.

Lincoln Rear Disc Conversion
How to install Lincoln rear discs on a classic Mustang.

Drum Brake Mod
Shows how drilling holes in drum brakes makes them work more efficiently.

Drum Brake Mod Pics
Shows Pictures of holes being drilled in drum brakes makes them work more efficiently.

32 Valve 351 Cleveland Heads
Supplier of 32V Cleveland heads...killer setup.

351 Cleveland Cam Comparison
Compares factory and aftermarket cams available for 351C's.

How To Install Latemodel Seat Belts In Classic
How to install late model 3 point harnesses in a classic Mustang.

Shoulder Harness Install In Classic
How to install late model seat belts in a classic Mustang.

Shelby Control Arm Drop
How to do the Shelby control arm drop.

Classic Mustang Info:

Vintage Mustangs
The best classic mustang classifieds on the web.

Classic Mustang Backspacing & Wheel Sizes
Shows the backspacing and wheels installed on classic Mustangs.

Exhaust Sound Clips
List of exhaust clips of mufflers installed on classic Mustang.

Custom Seats, Belts, Stereo's, etc. For 67 Mustang
Shows examples of custom work on a 67 Mustang

View Different Wheels On Classic Mustangs
Program allows you to install different styles of wheels on classic Mustangs.


The Deacon Effect
Quite Possibly the greatest link I've ever clicked on...I can't say I live by this but I do believe it works.

Salina Region SCCA
This is the region I autocross with.  You can see my results and times on this page.

SCCA Solo II Rules & Guidelines
All the rules that are involved in running within each class of autocross.

SCCA Solo II Novice Handbook
Explains what autocross is and how to be successful as a novice driver...tons of valuable info.

Twin Turbo Mustangs & Thunderbirds
Shows junkyard twin turbo setups on various Fords.

How Mandrel Bending Is Done
How mandrel bending is accomplished and why it's better than crush bent tubing.

Muscle Mustangs
Website covering everything Mustang.

Kyle's Favority Mustang History Site
Kyle's Favorite Link.

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