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2.3 Tech Articles

->Frequently Asked Tech Questions (FAQ)<-
START HERE! Tons of 2.3T technical info that should answer many of the questions I commonly hear.

  Auto-T5 Manual Trans Swap Info
How to swap a Manual Transmission into an Automatic Trans equipped Mustang or Thunderbird.

  91-93 Turbo Swap Wiring Info

Wiring Information needed to install a 2.3 Turbo engine in a 91-93 Mustang.

  87-90 Turbo Swap Wiring Info
Wiring Information needed to install a 2.3 Turbo engine in an 87-90 Mustang.

  Turbo Swap Overview
A step by step overview of a typical 2.3T installation in an 87-93 Mustang.  Includes pictures of modifications and helpful tips and information to make the swap easier.

  Front Disc Brake Upgrade
How to install the larger 5.0 disc brakes on the front of a 2.3 Mustang.

  8.8" Rear End w/Disc Swap
How to install a Turbo Coupe 8.8" rear w/disc brakes in a Fox Body Mustang.

  8.8" Track-Loc Rebuild
How to install new track-loc clutches in your 8.8" rear.

  Caster Camber Plate Install
Overview of the install of caster camber plates on a fox body vehicle.

  Upper & Lower Control Arm Install
Step by step overview covering the install of rear upper and lower control arms.

  Shifter Install
Covers the simple installation of an aftermarket shifter.

  Part Numbers
Part Numbers specific to 2.3's and Mustangs.

  Bolts, Threads, & Fuel Line Adapters
2.3 Specific Bolt sizes and Thread pitches as well as AN and NPT fitting sizes. Also shows part numbers for various
2.3 Specific Fuel Line & Fuel Rail Fittings.

  Misc. Tech Articles
Tech Articles covering timing, timing belt swaps, idle control, oil pan removal, and many other technical articles.


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