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Blown Potential
Why Blown Potential? Because it  was also blown up when I got it...and a RWD version would be so much better.

Why do I have a Probe GT?  Because it was basically given to me.  The motor was blown...the previous owner ran it out of oil.  This really is a nice car though, the interior is very pleasing to the eye and the seats are extremely supportive.  The exterior is a bit "wimpy" looking but not too bad overall.  I don't like front wheel drive vehicles but it serves it's purpose gets around pretty well in the winter as well.  I picked up a longblock out of a crashed 93 Probe and dropped it in.  These motors really respond well to boost but I'm doing all I can to convince myself not to turbocharge it...I don't need any more boosted cars right now.


Engine: 2.5 Liter DOHC 24V V6

Induction: Naturally Aspirated

Power: 164hp @ 6000 rpm , 160lb/ft @ 4800 rpm

Transmission: 5-Speed

Suspension f/r: Independent Macpherson Strut /Independent Macpherson Strut

Curb Weight: 2690 lbs

Weight Distribution f/r:

Brakes f/r:  10.2" Disc/10.3" Disc

Power Rack & Pinion 17:1 Ratio

Paint: White

Performance (stock)

0-60: 7.5 seconds

0-100: 19.8 seconds   

Quarter Mile:
15.3 @ 89.4 mph

Top Speed: 134 mph

Lateral G's: 0.87

Slolom MPH:


Engine--Cold Air Intake, Stainless Steel Headers, Deleted Cats, 2.5" Exhaust.

Drivetrain & Sound--Stock

Waiting For Installation--Nothing

Future Mods

Who Knows...


Yeah, it's a bit rough...just needs some TLC though.  I assure you it will be a nice car before I drive it.

Don't ask me what the previous owner was thinking with this stupid paint scheme...I don't know either.



© Gustafson 2002