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Bolt Sizes, Thread Pitch, & Fuel Line Adapters

2.3 Turbo Specific Info:
Manifold To Turbo Studs:
10mm X 1.5 x 40mm long Class 12.9 Metric Blue
Cheaper Alternative: Buy 40mm long bolts and cut the head off with a bandsaw, then grind the end a little on a fine wheel...Studs are like $3 to $4 each.  The bolts are less than $1.

Manifold To Turbo Nuts 10mm x 1.5 Class 12.9

Turbo Exhaust Housing To Exhaust Elbow Flange Studs/Bolts: 8mm x 1.25

Turbo Support Bracket Bolt 10mm x 1.5

EGR Plug For Manifold (to delete EGR) 1/2" Pipe Thread

Table below saved from which is no longer available.
Ford 2.3 Turbo Fastener Guide
Here is an evolving list of the fasteners on a Ford 2.3L Turbo Engine and other locations.  Hopefully, the list will be completed some day!  Application Specific fasteners are from a 1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupe.
Name/Description Dimensions Tool Size Comments
A/C Compressor to Bracket M10x62mm 1.5 pitch Partially threaded: 33.5mm thread, 22.5 of no-thread between head and beginning of threads
Tensioner Spring Bolt M10x23.5mm 1.5 pitch 17mm Shoulder 14.8mm dia. x 25mm long. Accepts timing cover bolt into head.
Spring Tension Stud M8x13mm 1.25ptch   shoulder 9.88mm dia. x 2.2mm long
Tensioner Plate Retention Bolt M8x20mm 1.25 pitch has captured, serrated lock washer
Upper to Lower Intake M8x35mm 1.25 pitch   4 ea.; all have captured washer. Two of them have extended studs from heads; M6x15.5mm 1 pitch for bracket security.
Intake to Throttle Body Bolts M8x30mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.
Intake to Throttle Body Studs M8x??mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea. Uses accompanying nuts. Thread dims. for Intake side of stud unknown at this time.
Auxiliary Throttle Return Spring/Cruise Bracket to Upper Intake M8x20mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea. Partially threaded (20mm) w/ captured lock washer.
EGR Valve Body to Upper Intake M8x40mm 1.25 pitch   (or of sufficient length) w/ captured lock washers
Alternator to Bracket Bolt (pivot bolt) 7/16" x 5" 12 TPI Grade 8   partially threaded; 40mm or approx. 1.6"
PS/Alt Bracket to Block Bolts M10x28.5mm 1.5 pitch   2 ea. w/ locator nose; 25mm thread Class 9.8
" M10x43mm 1.5 pitch   1 ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose
" M10x43mm 1.5 pitch   1ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose. w/ M8x11mm 1.25 pitch stud from head for engine ground contact
Upper Alt Bracket to Block Bolts M8x43mm 1.25 pitch   3 ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose
Fuel Rail to Lower Intake Bolts M8x20mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.
Lower Intake to Head Bolts M8x30mm 1.25 pitch   8 ea.
Water Pump to Block M8x50mm 1.25 pitch   3 ea. partially threaded, 32mm, Class 8.8
Timing Cover to Block/Cylinder Cover Bolts M6x16.3mm 1 pitch   4 ea.; 0.1875" shoulder length.
" M6x21mm 1 pitch   1 ea.; 0.329" shoulder length.
" M8x18mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.; w/ captive washer (TC to cylinder cover)
Intermediate Shaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M10x40mm 1.5 pitch   partially threaded (28mm), w/ non-captive washer (35mm O.D., 10.6mm I.D., 3.82mm thick)
Cam Shaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M12x45mm 1.75 pitch   partially threaded (32mm), w/ non-captive washer (35mm O.D., 13mm I.D., 5mm thick) May be a special washer... appears concave.
Crankshaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M14x40mm 1.5 pitch   partially threaded (33mm) w/ non-captive washer (37mm O.D., 15.5mm I.D., 6mm thick)
Exhaust Manifold to Head 3/8"x??" 16 TPI   Outside submission on 83-86 2.3L turbo engines. Need overall length and any special characteristics like partial thread length, grade, etc.
Distributor Retention Bolt M10x35mm 1.5 pitch 17mm 1 ea. Class 10.9 (for some bizarre reason... doesn't need to be rated nearly that high)
Rocker Cover to Head Bolts M6x40mm 1.0 pitch 8mm 6 ea.; Class 9.8; 12.85mm flanged head.


M6x40mm 1.0 pitch 8mm 2 ea; Class 9.8; 12.85mm flanged head w/ a 25mm un-threaded stud from head. stud is grooved to receive what appears to be a small c-clip or similar.
To be continued...

AN Thread Sizes:
AN numbers equate tot he outside diameter (O.D.)of the tubing in 1/16" increments.  Each AN size number has it's own standard thread size which can be seen in column three of the chart below.

AN Size Tube O.D. Thread Size (diameter/pitch)
2 1/8" 5/16-24 SAE
3 3/16" 3/8-24 SAE
4 1/4" 7/16-20 SAE
5 5/16" 1/2-20 SAE
6 3/8" 9/16-18 SAE
8 1/2" 3/4-16 SAE
10 5/8" 7/8-14 SAE
12 3/4" 1-1/16-12 SAE
16 1" 1-5/16-12 SAE
20 1-1/4" 1-5/8-12 SAE
24 1-1/2" 1-7/8-12 SAE
28 1-3/4" 2-1/8-12 SAE
32 2" 2-1/2-12 SAE

NPT Thread Sizes:
With NPT you can see the correlation between the size callout and the inside diameter (I.D.)of the tube.

Pipe Thread Size Threads Per Inch Theoretical I.D. Closest AN Size
1/16" 27 1/16"  
1/8" 27 1/8" 4
1/4" 18 1/4" 6
3/8" 18 3/8" 8
1/2" 14 1/2" 10
3/4" 14 3/4" 12
1" 11-1/2 1" 16
1-1/4" 11-1/2 1-1/4" 20
1-1/2" 11-1/2 1-1/2" 24
2" 11-1/2 2" 32








Fuel Line Adapters (For adapting stock fuel rail or tank to braided line):
Russell Performance Push-On EFI Fittings:

3/8": # 640850
5/16": # 640860
1/4": # 641300

Fuel Rail Adapters (For adapting aftermarket rail to stock fuel lines):
Russell Performance Fuel Rail Fittings:

3/8": # 640940
5/16": # 640930

Fuel Line Adapters (For adapting stock spring lock type fuel rail to braided line):
Russell Performance & Aeromotive Fuel Rail Fittings:

1/2": # 15124 (Aeromotive)
3/8": # 15123 (Aeromotive)
5/16": # 640900 or 640903 or 640873 or 640883 (Russell)





If you have any questions about any of these parts feel free to contact me HERE 


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