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Bolt Sizes, Thread Pitch, & Fuel Line Adapters

2.3 Turbo Specific Info:
Manifold To Turbo Studs:
10mm X 1.5 x 40mm long Class 12.9 Metric Blue
Cheaper Alternative: Buy 40mm long bolts and cut the head off with a bandsaw, then grind the end a little on a fine wheel...Studs are like $3 to $4 each.  The bolts are less than $1.

Manifold To Turbo Nuts 10mm x 1.5 Class 12.9

Turbo Exhaust Housing To Exhaust Elbow Flange Studs/Bolts: 8mm x 1.25

Turbo Support Bracket Bolt 10mm x 1.5

EGR Plug For Manifold (to delete EGR) 1/2" Pipe Thread

Table below saved from which is no longer available.
Ford 2.3 Turbo Fastener Guide
Here is an evolving list of the fasteners on a Ford 2.3L Turbo Engine and other locations.  Hopefully, the list will be completed some day!  Application Specific fasteners are from a 1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupe.
Name/Description Dimensions Tool Size Comments
A/C Compressor to Bracket M10x62mm 1.5 pitch Partially threaded: 33.5mm thread, 22.5 of no-thread between head and beginning of threads
Tensioner Spring Bolt M10x23.5mm 1.5 pitch 17mm Shoulder 14.8mm dia. x 25mm long. Accepts timing cover bolt into head.
Spring Tension Stud M8x13mm 1.25ptch   shoulder 9.88mm dia. x 2.2mm long
Tensioner Plate Retention Bolt M8x20mm 1.25 pitch has captured, serrated lock washer
Upper to Lower Intake M8x35mm 1.25 pitch   4 ea.; all have captured washer. Two of them have extended studs from heads; M6x15.5mm 1 pitch for bracket security.
Intake to Throttle Body Bolts M8x30mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.
Intake to Throttle Body Studs M8x??mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea. Uses accompanying nuts. Thread dims. for Intake side of stud unknown at this time.
Auxiliary Throttle Return Spring/Cruise Bracket to Upper Intake M8x20mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea. Partially threaded (20mm) w/ captured lock washer.
EGR Valve Body to Upper Intake M8x40mm 1.25 pitch   (or of sufficient length) w/ captured lock washers
Alternator to Bracket Bolt (pivot bolt) 7/16" x 5" 12 TPI Grade 8   partially threaded; 40mm or approx. 1.6"
PS/Alt Bracket to Block Bolts M10x28.5mm 1.5 pitch   2 ea. w/ locator nose; 25mm thread Class 9.8
" M10x43mm 1.5 pitch   1 ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose
" M10x43mm 1.5 pitch   1ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose. w/ M8x11mm 1.25 pitch stud from head for engine ground contact
Upper Alt Bracket to Block Bolts M8x43mm 1.25 pitch   3 ea.; 40mm thread, 3mm nose
Fuel Rail to Lower Intake Bolts M8x20mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.
Lower Intake to Head Bolts M8x30mm 1.25 pitch   8 ea.
Water Pump to Block M8x50mm 1.25 pitch   3 ea. partially threaded, 32mm, Class 8.8
Timing Cover to Block/Cylinder Cover Bolts M6x16.3mm 1 pitch   4 ea.; 0.1875" shoulder length.
" M6x21mm 1 pitch   1 ea.; 0.329" shoulder length.
" M8x18mm 1.25 pitch   2 ea.; w/ captive washer (TC to cylinder cover)
Intermediate Shaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M10x40mm 1.5 pitch   partially threaded (28mm), w/ non-captive washer (35mm O.D., 10.6mm I.D., 3.82mm thick)
Cam Shaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M12x45mm 1.75 pitch   partially threaded (32mm), w/ non-captive washer (35mm O.D., 13mm I.D., 5mm thick) May be a special washer... appears concave.
Crankshaft Sprocket to Shaft Bolt M14x40mm 1.5 pitch   partially threaded (33mm) w/ non-captive washer (37mm O.D., 15.5mm I.D., 6mm thick)
Exhaust Manifold to Head M10x55mm 1.5 pitch   Partially threaded (around 30mm thread length) For strength, and availability any B7 fastener will do the job well. 4140 or 4130 heat treated, black oxide coated. Never had issues with socket head bolts holding to the head. Cheap, and available at about every Ace Hardware, Fastenal, or Grainger. The stock bolts are actually a better material than this but they are no longer available new.
Distributor Retention Bolt M10x35mm 1.5 pitch 17mm 1 ea. Class 10.9 (for some bizarre reason... doesn't need to be rated nearly that high)
Rocker Cover to Head Bolts M6x40mm 1.0 pitch 8mm 6 ea.; Class 9.8; 12.85mm flanged head.


M6x40mm 1.0 pitch 8mm 2 ea; Class 9.8; 12.85mm flanged head w/ a 25mm un-threaded stud from head. stud is grooved to receive what appears to be a small c-clip or similar.
To be continued...

AN Thread Sizes:
AN numbers equate tot he outside diameter (O.D.)of the tubing in 1/16" increments.  Each AN size number has it's own standard thread size which can be seen in column three of the chart below.

AN Size Tube O.D. Thread Size (diameter/pitch)
2 1/8" 5/16-24 SAE
3 3/16" 3/8-24 SAE
4 1/4" 7/16-20 SAE
5 5/16" 1/2-20 SAE
6 3/8" 9/16-18 SAE
8 1/2" 3/4-16 SAE
10 5/8" 7/8-14 SAE
12 3/4" 1-1/16-12 SAE
16 1" 1-5/16-12 SAE
20 1-1/4" 1-5/8-12 SAE
24 1-1/2" 1-7/8-12 SAE
28 1-3/4" 2-1/8-12 SAE
32 2" 2-1/2-12 SAE

NPT Thread Sizes:
With NPT you can see the correlation between the size callout and the inside diameter (I.D.)of the tube.

Pipe Thread Size Threads Per Inch Theoretical I.D. Closest AN Size
1/16" 27 1/16"  
1/8" 27 1/8" 4
1/4" 18 1/4" 6
3/8" 18 3/8" 8
1/2" 14 1/2" 10
3/4" 14 3/4" 12
1" 11-1/2 1" 16
1-1/4" 11-1/2 1-1/4" 20
1-1/2" 11-1/2 1-1/2" 24
2" 11-1/2 2" 32








Fuel Line Adapters (For adapting stock fuel rail or tank to braided line):
Russell Performance Push-On EFI Fittings:

3/8": # 640850
5/16": # 640860
1/4": # 641300

Fuel Rail Adapters (For adapting aftermarket rail to stock fuel lines):
Russell Performance Fuel Rail Fittings:

3/8": # 640940
5/16": # 640930

Fuel Line Adapters (For adapting stock spring lock type fuel rail to braided line):
Russell Performance & Aeromotive Fuel Rail Fittings:

1/2": # 15124 (Aeromotive)
3/8": # 15123 (Aeromotive)
5/16": # 640900 or 640903 or 640873 or 640883 (Russell)





If you have any questions about any of these parts feel free to contact me HERE 


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