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Stinger Performance Engineering Contact Information

Due to the nature of this business and our own commitments outside of Stinger Performance, as well as prior non 2.3 related abuse of phone tech support, we do not publicly list a telephone number at this time. Most questions can be answered through other means including our tech articles, frequently asked questions page, tech forum, and email. If you must contact us by phone, provide us with your name, number, and time you're most likely to be available and we'll call you when we are free to do so.

For sales inquiries please send an email to:


For technical support please:

Read our Tech Articles: https://Stinger-Performance.com/TechMain.html

Read our Frequently Asked Questions: https://Stinger-Performance.com/faq.html

Visit our Technical Forum: https://www.Stinger-Performance.proboards.com

If you question is still unanswered, then send an email to

Email Issues:

Occasionally there are technical issues with emails being returned to sender and never making it to our inbox. If you have sent an email and not received a reply after a week, or the email was returned to you, please send your email to yellow_stinger@hotmail.com

Credit Card Payments:

We do not currently accept credit card orders over the phone or manually. You can pay via credit card via PayPal without being required to set up an account.
For details go to the PayPal website at

Money Order Payments:

If you want to pay for an order with a Money Order, please follow the following steps:

1) Use our site to select the items and add them to the shopping cart.

2) Once all items are included and the total is listed, print the page and send it with the money order. Also include your

- Shipping address
- Email address
- Phone number
- Vehicle type

- If there are any special instructions or additional "special order" items to be included with the order, please make not of it with the payment.

- If there are any special order items being ordered, please email us ahead of time to work out the details of the special order (core charges, options, application info, etc.).

3) Make the Money Order payable to Shannon Gustafson.

4) Put items from steps 1-3 above into an envelope and mail it to the address below.

Mailing Address:

Stinger Performance
2808 Ave I          
Wilson KS, 67490
United States


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