Custom 2 color vinyl sticker overlays for the front and rear oval "KIA" emblems. Better adhesion than the domed style overlays, and they don't stick out any farther than stock, unlike the domed overlays. Easy installation without any special tools or skills, though a hair dryer or heat gun can be useful. Easy removal with a hair dryer if you decide you want a different color or want to go back to stock. Approximate 5 year outdoor life, longer if parked indoors. Optional matching steering wheel overlay available as well. 


Clean the stock KIA emblems well. Remove any road debris, bugs, wax, etc. Ideally you'd use an alcohol wipe or a light solution of dish soap to remove any oils for maximum adhesion.

Peel the clear mask from the white backing paper and make sure the overlay stays stuck to the clear mask.

Hold the edges of the clear mask so you can position the overlay without touching it. If you don't get perfect alignment initially, you can pull it back up if it's only stuck in the center. Once you've got it aligned with the emblem (even spacing all the way around, stick it to the middle of the emblem and then press it smooth from the middle to both sides of the oval shape. Then smooth the overlay down onto the emblem in a circular pattern starting at the center and making larger and larger circles. Now remove the clear overlay and do the same circular motion again until it's adhered smoothly all the way around the emblem. It may try to bulge along the outer edge as the overlay takes on the convex shape. If it does so, press the bulges out from the center to the edge to prevent it from wrinkling. Once it's smooth, give it more pressure in the same circular motion, especially around the outer edge. Add some heat with a hair dryer while doing so for best adhesion (but don't overheat it). Summer sun can be effective in providing enough heat if you don't have a hair dryer. 

For Carbon Fiber overlays, a hair dryer or heat gun is more important to get the thicker carbon material to bend around the convex emblem shape. I prefer a hair dryer simply because they aren't as hot as a heat gun so it's easier to maintain a good temperature without melting the material. When possible, try to get the overlay laying smooth with no bulges and then heat it up and rub the sticker in a circular motion from the center to the outer edge to form the overlay into the convex shape. If you have bulges around the edges and heat it up to try to make them go away (rather than getting them to go away before heat is added), it's much easier to wrinkle the overlay which is not ideal. 

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Sticker | Kia Stinger Emblem Overlays | GT | E | Stinger | Stinger GT | Vintage K

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