Terms & Conditions

Buying Outside the USA's Lower 48 States: Worldwide delivery is available. The site will attempt to calculate shipping prices for international orders. If the site calculation is significantly cheaper than the actual cost, we will contact you and you will need to pay the difference so we can process the order.

In Stock Items: All items should be in stock and ready to ship, though back-orders are possible even if the site says the product is in stock. 

Handling Time:
Most domestic orders are processed within 3 business days but no guarantees are made. Any estimates of shipment or delivery time are estimates, not guarantees. Large items such as exhaust kits or FMIC kits are made to order since so many different options are available. Because of this, the handling time for those items are longer than for smaller items that don't require extensive work to prepare for shipment.

Service: We reserve the right to refuse parts or service to anyone as we see fit. 

Drop Shipments:
Some items listed on our site are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, saving you money by eliminating us as the "middle man". This would include most mufflers and cats, as well as certain wiring harnesses, tailpipes, wastegates, and intercoolers. This means that many orders arrive in multiple packages on different days via varying shipping methods. Most drop ship items ship via ground service (UPS or FedEx). 

Rush Orders:
If the order needs to be expedited via USPS Express Mail or another overnight service, we must be contacted via email preferably no later than time of purchase. Items that are rushed will be charged additional shipping fees. 

Special Order Items: If you would like to purchase any of the ~Special Order Items~ listed or have any questions please email us at Sales@Stinger-Performance.com to set up the order. Special Order Items typically have a 1-4 week wait for component delivery, fabrication, test fitting, etc., depending on the product and time of order.

Special Order Items are not returnable. All other items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Refunds will be issued for original purchase price minus original shipping costs minus 15% restocking fee. Remaining funds will be refunded after item is received and inspected for damage and signs of installation. You are responsible for return shipping fees. Refunds must be approved via email before return shipment. Any items that have been installed are not eligible for return. Orders more than 60 days old are not eligible for return or refund.

Ordering Mistakes: Customer mistakes on orders that require us to cancel/refund the entire order or a portion of the order prior to shipment will be subject to a 3% charge to cover the payment processing fee that we are charged for each transaction. So if you mistakenly order multiples of something or submit a duplicate order or another scenario that requires us to process a refund, we're still charged 3% on that transaction and we pass that fee back to you during the refund. The 3% charge only applies to the portion refunded. Only exclusion is if the refund is due to a lack of inventory on our part, in that case we'll pay the fee. 

Shipping Damage: It is possible that products may be damaged during shipping processes. Please open and inspect your package for physical damage immediately before you let the driver go. Report all physical damage to the driver, and have them clearly mark the Bill of Lading (shipping invoice) before signing. Visible shipping damage must be reported immediately. 

Trademarks & Logo: All trademarks and logos used in this site are properties of their respective companies; they are used for demonstration of reproduction capabilities only. We resume no responsibility for determining trademark/logo ownership.

The person that is purchasing these products makes the following representations and acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Some of our products are for off-road use only. These off-road race only products are designed and intended for use in organized, amateur and professional racing events, but is limited to closed-course racing and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization involving the motor vehicle in which it is installed. It is not for use on public highways or roads nor is it for recreational off-road use other than solely for competition purposes. The person or entity buying these products and/or using these products agrees to use the vehicle solely for competition uses as described herein.

The user accepting this disclaimer acknowledges and hereby indemnifies and saves harmless Stinger Performance Engineering, its officers, and employees for any damages, penalties, fines, expenses, or other costs which may arise from the use of these product and without limiting the generality of the foregoing specifically acknowledges the following:

Use of these products for purposes other than solely for competition is a violation of federal law and may violate applicable state or local environmental, motor vehicle and other laws. The user warrants that these products shall only be used in sanctioned closed-circuit events.

That use of these products may violate warranties from the manufacturer of the vehicle or from others.

That use of these products may make the vehicle unfit or unsafe for the purposes intended or for any purpose and cause personal injury, property damage or death.

That the installation of these products, improper installation of these products, use of these products with other components or failure to use these products in conjunction with other components, could result in or cause personal injury, property damage or death.