About Us

About The Company

Stinger Performance is a family owned business founded in 2001 to offer affordable exhaust components for the Ford 2.3L Turbo market. This started in 2003 by fabricating exhaust systems on the weekends while being a full-time college student. As sales began to surpass the time available to make one-off components, the movement to digitizing all of the exhaust and tubing components began. Once everything was digitized, we began using CNC mandrel bending machines to mass produce the components. By 2004 we had become the largest manufacturer of Ford 2.3 turbo exhaust systems. By 2007 the same applied to FMIC kits. In 2009 the business was moved to Shawnee, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. In 2011 we took it a step further by developing a completely new ECU to replace the stock engine computer and allowing users to tune their engines with ease. In 2016 we released our second generation ECU's with a focus towards the Ford V8 market and in 2019 we released our ECU with transmission control and our coil on plug conversion kits for Ford V8's. We have no plans of slowing down. Future plans include components for many different vehicles. Our components have been used in many forms of competition including drag racing, road racing, circle track, endurance, land speed racing, autocross, off-road, and many other forms of competition. 

About The Owner

Shannon Gustafson grew up in a small town loving everything Ford. Through the years he became a 2.3 turbo enthusiast as well as a Mustang SVO and 2.3 Turbo fanatic. He enjoys a number of different hobbies and most of them focus on going fast in one form or another. In March 2006 he received a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Kansas State University. In March 2009 he received his Master's degree in Business Administration focusing in Leadership.