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Tubular Header Parts & Accessories
In this section you'll find parts that are made specifically to be used with the Stinger Center Mount Tubular Header pictured below. This includes oil lines, external waste gates, header downpipes, exhaust systems, front mount intercooler (FMIC) kits, and many other items. If you don't have or plan on purchasing the Stinger header, the parts in here most likely won't work for you.

Stock Turbo Location Parts & Accessories
In this section you'll find parts that are made specifically to be used on 2.3 turbo powered vehicles using the stock exhaust manifold or stock placement header/log manifold. This includes oil lines, downpipes, exhaust systems, front mount intercooler (FMIC) kits, and many other items. If you have a mostly stock vehicle or at least one that retains stock turbo location, this is the section for you.
Suspension, Clutch, & Drivetrain Components
In this section you'll find parts that aren't bolt on engine components. This includes pistons, clutches, flywheels, shifters, shocks, struts, springs, brake rotors, brake pads, and similar items. Most items listed are for Mustangs, SVO's, or Thunderbird Turbo Coupes, some work with Merkur XR4Ti's as well. 
Universal, Electrical, Wiring, Fuel System
In this section you'll find parts that fill fit a variety of different vehicles, not just Turbo Fords. This includes New PiMPx/PiMPxs ECU's, PiMP/PiMPx/PiMPxs wiring harness, wideband controller, wideband sensor, air/fuel ratio gauge, fuel injectors, boost controllers, fire extinguisher mounts, bi-wing supports, v-band clamps, blow off valves, bypass valves, exhaust tips, air filters, mufflers, catalytic converters, wastegates, intercoolers, t-bolt clamps, silicone couplers, flex pipes, exhaust clamps, and other items.
Stinger Performance Merchandise
In this section you'll find Stinger Performance T-Shirts, Vinyl Stickers, etc.
Add them to any order to eliminate additional shipping charges.

Used Parts For Sale
Listed here are used items we don't plan on using on any project cars in the near future. We're clearing out some space in the shop so take a look and see if there is anything you need. You'll find Powdercoated Valve Covers and Intakes, Turbos, Intercoolers, Ecu Chips, Standalone ECU's, Coilover Kits, Adjustable Struts, etc.
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New MS3 Based PiMPx/PiMPxs ECU's Are Here!!!
Added 2017:

All-In-One Gauge for PiMPx/PiMPxs, Microsquirt, and MS2/MS3 Based ECU's - Display Dozens of Parameters at Once!
Plug & Play Microsquirt EFI w/Harness
Spartan 2 Wideband Controller
2016 Additions:
Exhaust Manifold Flip Adapters
Spartan 2 Wideband Controller
Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Wideband Gauge
Wideband o2 Sensor
Accuseal Clamps
New Turbo Coupe 2.5" Tailpipe Design
PiMP/PiMPx/PiMPxs Accessory Kit Replacement
PiMP/PiMPx/PiMPxs MAP Hose Replacement
PiMP/PiMPx/PiMPxs Jumper Replacements
PiMPx MS3 Based Batch Fire Standalone ECU
PiMPxs MS3 Based Sequential Standalone ECU
Sequential Fuel 2.3 PiMPxs Harness
High Impedance Bosch Flow Matched Race Injectors:
FID630, FID750, FID850, FID1000, FID1300, FID1600, FID2000

Project Bolt-On
Putting our Performance Parts to the Test 10.89 @ 125mph on Pump Gas! Now in the mid 9's with Race Fuel & More Mods!
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